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By 2030, the population of women going through menopause and perimenopause is projected to increase to 1.2 billion.

What about Man-opause—really? The men indeed get it!

Andropause, or male menopause, refers to ageing-related hormones in men. Usually happens between ages 40 and 55, though the physical symptoms can manifest as early as 35 or as late as 65. Testosterone levels fall in males over time.

By the time most men get to 70, testosterone levels have dropped by about 50%. This symptom includes lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and increased levels of fatigue.

Picture a stage performer whose hot flashes made it so she sweated so much that she left the microphone onstage.

Now picture an energetic physician who wakes up drenched in sweat every morning and is exhausted in the afternoon, and a once-confident executive who conceals sudden urges to cry at work.

These are real experiences whose lives were disrupted by the onset of menopause/ andropause - an inevitable event.  

It is more critical now than ever to provide adequate support to both professional men and women going through andropause or menopause.

However, many stated that they are not getting the support they need or natural products that truly works.

At Royal Imperial Food, our goal is to offer finest quality, unadulterated and 100% natural superfoods that enable women and men to look and feel great for decades.

Though weight gain, hot flashes, joint pain, abdominal issues, lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction and exhaustion are the problems we can typically relieve, no matter what the symptom may be, we remain committed to our male and female leaders throughout their golden years and beyond.

Men and Women take their cues from Royal Imperial Food since it really works.

M & A can be a lonely journey.

We're here for you every step of the way, so feel free to check out the Superbooster Bundles or read real transformational stories from other professionals like you. 

You just have to know that you aren't alone anymore!

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest

Royal Imperial Birdnest

Royal Imperial Wild Honey

Royal Imperial Wild Honey

Just consuming the Meno-Power bundle for barely 2 months, it greatly helps to improve my sleep, digestive and skin problems. Most of all, to finally rid my hot flashes which I'd been suffering for over a year plus. I will definitely continue on...

Jennifer Yan

Just over 1 month of finishing the bundle set of Slim & AgeLess, I found it amazing! Never had my skin felt so glowing and I've also lost 2 kg effortless without any diets or change of lifestyle. My life at 54 has gotten much better for sure!

Su Wen

Royal Imperial Bird Nest’s fresh made-to-order bird's nest in a bottle — Painstakingly hand-picked, 100% bleach-free, chemical-free and hand cleaned manually so that my child and I can enjoy the true delicacy, rich nutritional benefits and the Royal treatment of their sustainably sourced, premium bird's nest. Perfect gift for yourself and your child.... To our fair, glowing and dewy skin!

Jolene Tan

The detox and after effects are very good and tremendous. Both my husband and I now have bowel movements without difficulties everyday, and feeling energised and full of life.

Frankly, we have not slept together for some time due to work and health issues but since my husband started consuming Andro-power, we started connecting with each other again. Thank you Royal Imperial Food!

Mr and Mrs Tan

I love Royal Imperial Bird's Nest because the company manually cleans each bird's nest with zero bleach. I trust that their cleaning process ensures that no contaminants are in the nest.

I also appreciate that they are a gender-neutral company. Their quality and customer service are impeccable, and their prices are fair. I would highly recommend Royal Imperial Food to anyone looking for a high-quality, trustworthy Superfood for Pregnancy Health

I was so excited to try Royal Imperial Bird's Nest after reading all the great reviews. I'm not disappointed!

The superboosters are truly superb and top quality. I'm thrilled with the results and can't wait to have more!

Millie Lee

I was impressed with the freshness and richness of the amount of Royal Imperial Bird’s Nest in one 85g bottle (whole bird’s nest weighing more than 5g per bottle), it was really thick and concentrated. And most importantly, it tastes pure and not artificially tasting. It was not overly sweet to overpower the Bird’s Nest.

With ROYAL IMPERIAL FOOD, you can have a peace of mind, that you are only enjoying the best, with its “Money-Back Guarantee for its authenticity and purity”. This shows that the company is really confidence of the quality and efficacy of their Fresh, Made-to-order Bird's Nest and Wild, Raw Honey.

Elvina Tay

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