Many of us are destroying ourselves with our present food without even realizing it because of our eating patterns. Every day, foods we eat are gradually killing us. Contrary to our assumptions, the government and big corporations are not helping regulate what most grocery stores are selling to us as food.

Today, the foods we consume in many of these stores are practically unsafe for consumption, because of that the most of the average person's diet is too deleterious. We no longer swear by food that is fair due to our upgraded diet plans, in which a majority of our goodies are made up of things that negatively affect our health.

Many ingredients of our foods, such as sugar, salt, and fat, can offer numerous health benefits at the right amount, but they are a hazard in large quantities. Likewise, synthetic preservatives are used to save processed foods, and as such, many people are unaware of these processed foods' impact on their health.

All of us, including healthy people, have probably become unhealthy eaters these days. Today, most of us prefer to eat starchy foods, dairy products, red meat, and sugar rather than indulging ourselves in more nutritious fare like fruit and vegetables. Now, we eat more numerous calories than we did in the past.

While we have made significant dietary changes in reducing our consumption of beef and soda, and eating more chicken, we still have a lot of trouble improving our fruit and vegetable consumption, which is considerably low.

Because our meals are so unhealthful, a significant portion of the population suffers from the #1 killer of all, diabetes and heart disease. It really should be admitted that something needs to change—the manner in which we are feeding ourselves is no longer sustainable.

The mission of Royal Imperial Food is to introduce lesser-known yet premium superfoods like genuine non-chemically treated bird's nest, wild raw honey and organic sea buckthorn that were not affected by commercial farming - providing customers with health benefits as well as contributing to biodiversity.

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