Everything you need to know about Pregnancy Health and Benefits of Bird's Nest

For centuries, edible bird’s nest has become a medicinal superfood and popular with Oriental emperors for thousands of years as a Traditional Chinese Medicine delicacy.

But did you know that Edible Birds' nests are highly beneficial to mothers during pregnancy?

Edible bird's nest drink, or bird's nest soup, contains nutrients fetus needs during pregnancy. There are countless benefits to support healthier pregnancies and infant development.

Anyone now can enjoy the elevated levels of vitamins and minerals in this superior delicacy. What makes this delicacy even better is that expectant mothers can safely and healthily eat it.

Pregnancy health

So, what are the benefits of taking an edible bird’s nest throughout your pregnancy for you and your unborn child? Read on to learn more.

Your Baby's First Mealtime during the First Trimester

The first food humans eat is the amniotic fluid in our mother's womb. As early as in the first trimester of gestation, the fetus swallows amniotic fluid and not only absorbs essential nutrients such as glucose, fructose, fatty acids, and amino acids   but also is exposed to bacteria in it. These bacteria then make their way to the fetal gut and become part of its microbiota.

A lack of nutrients or exposure to microorganisms in a mother's body may profoundly influence the development of certain neural circuits. When this happens, the child may sustain long-term conditions that can affect his health, for example, autism and irritable bowel disease.

An infant's health and fitness may change based on amounts and kinds of nutrients it breathed while developing in the womb. Mothers must take particular care of their diet during pregnancy, especially during the very first trimester.

How You and Your Baby Can Benefit from Quality  Bird’s Nest

The main components of a bird's nest are proteins (approximately 40-60%) and carbohydrates (approximately 20-30%).It also contains antioxidants and 17 amino acids. You will also find valine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, and calcium, sodium, and potassium minerals in it.

An American scientist demonstrated that in 1981, edible bird's-nest contains two amino acids that are composed of collagen. These amino acids increase cell division and speed up epidermal growth. Professor Yuen-Choong Kong of the Chinese University of Hong Kong found in 1992 that the edible bird's nest contains a mutagen to stimulate epidermal growth and stimulates the Mutagenic Stimulation Factor (MSF). They can stimulate epidermal cell renewal, encourage receptors to interrupt hormones, boost cellular regeneration, and boost motility and energy level. They can also quicken tissue formation and cell-dependent immunity, allowing people to recover from illness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine; Edible Bird’s Nest

In traditional Chinese medicine, bird's nest is considered to be associated with the lung meridian. The medicinal superfood can also help nourish yin (cold) and improve the energy and qi (force) of the lungs. Those functions may be beneficial to sufferers of respiratory diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Long-term smokers may consume these foods to stimulate their lungs.

Bird's nest is also restorative and balancing in nature, making it ideal for young mothers recovering from childbirth and exhaustion due to a busy day. Patients with gastric bleeding or sororeflux can consume bird's nest to help damaged tissue recover and promote healing. Its flavor is reminiscent of eggs. It's a good option for nourishing the stomach, reinforcing the spleen, and improving the appetite of post-surgical mothers.

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest, made up of premium, concentrated (fresh, made-to-order) bird's nest, can significantly enhance your health and your baby's. It's packed with amino acids that can improve metabolism, skin quality, prevent stretch marks, and increase stamina. The Supermoms bundle is risk-free to consume during pregnancy because it's free of colors, flavors, and other preservatives.

It Boosts Intelligence

Bird's nest contains sialic acid, a natural brain nutrient that forms the basis for a child's memory and development. A 2003 study by Colombo determined that sialic acid, found naturally in birds' nests, enhances brain development in infants and improves brain activity.

Additionally, if consumed postpartum, edible bird’s nest can improve the quality of breast milk, promoting a baby’s physical and intellectual development.

It Strengthens Immunity

Even if birds' nests are naturally safe with regard to microbes, they still contain beneficial prebiotic ingredients like glycans and glycopeptides. These nutrients promote the growth of health-promoting gut bacteria, affirming their importance to intestinal health. These prebiotics also have a number of health benefits, such as benefiting the gut, preventing cancer development, augmenting immune function, and even reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The active glycoproteins on a cell's surface can also help this entity resist viral and bacterial attacks on its exterior. They are extremely helpful for allowing foreign cells to be recognized by the immune system. Furthermore, the very high percentage of sialic acid in breast milk is influential in developing a baby's lungs.

Anti-aging, Skin and Stretch Marks Recovery

Bird's nest is an excellent source of cytokinin, which stimulates cell division (cytokinesis). It contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) proteins, which stimulate, revitalize, renew, and regenerate various cells to improve young mothers' health, skin and speed up postpartum recovery.

Postpartum moms will take advantage of less noticeable stretch marks for themselves by consuming bird's nest. Collagen found in bird's nest will hold in the skin's elasticity, and it also aids in uterus recovery post-birth.

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