Collection: Why Royal Imperial Superbooster?

It is increasingly common for people to work on overtime, which causes them to become increasingly stressed and tired. Overworking will eventually make people feel exhausted, haggard, obese and a decrease in their immunity can occur.

Prolonged consumption of Royal Imperial Superbooster can help you regain your youth and vitality, which has rich nutritional content to help restore energy, improve skin complexion, weight management and enhance one's immune system.

Individually, Royal Imperial Wild Honey is a unique and rare variety that has been sourced from collectors who have ventured deep into the jungles of Asia in search of natural beehives. This dark honey is intense in flavour and packed with beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and poly-floral taste of wildflowers. It is pure, raw and wild, as Mother Nature intended, and is aptly nicknamed "Food for the Gods".

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest uses only hand-cleaned (unbleached), premium 燕盏 (yan zhan), whole bird's nests of 5g in each bottle (85ml), as evident from our long, thick strands, mostly absent from other brands in the market. 

It is a great skin booster, particularly since it is rich in protein and collagen, which can improve skin quality and appearance. Consuming bird nest therefore has a great effect on the retention of women's youth, helping them to maintain that dewy skin quality.

The nutrition value of whole bird's nest is very high, where the protein content exceeds 60 grams, but the product also has carbohydrates, dietary fibre, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other ingredients, and is easily absorbed by the human body, so the bird's nest can be eaten frequently for great health benefits.

For women that are pregnant, it can help provide essential nutrients. During pregnancy, women's bodies go through a number of physical changes and hormonal fluctuations. The fertility of this physique significantly increases during this period, which is why it is advised to consume our fresh made-to-order and whole bird's nest to resolve these issues and help the mother and baby stay healthy.

Seniors frequently have weakened systems, and consuming a bird's nest tends to boost their general condition and help them fight against cold and flu.

For children, the right nutrients is crucial for their enhancement. Further facilitating their growth and development, protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins are critical for them. Bird's nest is a great source of protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins, making it the ideal nourishment for a child.

Royal Imperial Superbooster set, of course, is designed to be as convenient as possible for busy executives and family members from young to old. No cooking, easy storage, easy opening, and even easier consumption…just open and drink to its goodness! 

At Royal Imperial Food, we are committed to only bringing you the finest, 100% Natural Traditional Medicinal Superfoods, direct from farms to bottle that contains vitamins, minerals, epidermal growth factor (EGF)and immune health ingredients.  

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest and Wild Honey are covered by a Money-Back Guarantee for authenticity and its purity.

100% unadulterated, natural superfoods that contains enormous enzymes, nutrients and health benefits for both young and old
- Research reveals that oral administration of wild, raw honey enhances serum testosterone level in males as it has been found to contain various bioactive compounds (e.g., phenolic acids) that may improve testosterone production.
- The phytonutrients in raw honey are responsible for its antioxidant properties, as well as its antibacterial and antifungal power
- These essential nutrients are also thought to be the reason Royal Imperial Superbooster has shown immune-boosting and anti-aging benefits
- Heavy processing destroys these valuable nutrients, making our natural superfoods a superior product with natural enzymes for detoxification, weight loss and even meal replacement.
- Not only helps to restore energy, enhance physical stamina, but also your mental well-being.
- It has been shown to be an effective natural remedy and supplement against various digestive problems as well as increases bone and muscle mass.
- In addition, to improve sleep quality and help restore normal sleeping patterns.

All The Essential For Our Good Health Comes From Mother Nature...



长期服用Royal Imperial Superbooster可以帮助您重拾青春和活力,其丰富的营养成分有助于恢复活力、改善肤色、控制体重和增强免疫系统。

Royal Imperial Wild Honey 是一种独特而稀有的品种,来自那些冒险深入亚洲丛林寻找天然蜂箱的收藏家。这种深色蜂蜜味道浓郁,富含有益酶、抗氧化剂、维生素、矿物质和野花的多种花香。这是纯净、原始和狂野, 正如大自然母亲所希望的那样,并被恰当地称为“众神的食物”。

Royal Imperial Bird's Nest 只使用手工清洗(未漂白)、优质燕盏(燕盏),每瓶(85 毫升)5 克的完整燕窝,从我们的长而粗的丝中可以看出,市场上其他品牌大多没有.






当然,Royal Imperial Superbooster 套装旨在为忙碌的高管和家庭成员提供尽可能方便的服务,从小到大。无需烹饪,易于储存,易于打开,甚至更易于食用……只需打开并饮用它的美味!

在 Royal Imperial Food,我们致力于只为您提供最好的、100% 天然的传统药用超级食品,从农场直接送到瓶中,其中含有维生素、矿物质、表皮生长因子 (EGF) 和免疫健康成分。



- 100% 纯天然超级食品,含有丰富的酶、营养素和对年轻人和老年人的健康益处

- 研究表明,口服野生生蜂蜜可以提高男性的血清睾酮水平,因为它被发现含有多种生物活性化合物(例如酚酸),可以提高睾酮的产生。

- 生蜂蜜中的植物营养素是其抗氧化特性以及抗菌和抗真菌能力的原因

- 这些必需营养素也被认为是 Royal Imperial Superbooster 显示出增强免疫力和抗衰老功效的原因

- 重度加工会破坏这些宝贵的营养成分,使我们的天然超级食品成为含有天然酶的优质产品,可用于排毒、减肥甚至代餐。

- 不仅有助于恢复体力,增强体力,还有助于身心健康。

- 它已被证明是一种有效的自然疗法和补充剂,可以解决各种消化问题,并增加骨骼和肌肉质量。

- 此外,改善睡眠质量并帮助恢复正常的睡眠模式。


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