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Save Our Girls! They Need Your Help And Support To Fight Poverty And Exploitation

"Do Small Things, With Great Love" Mother Teresa

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Make a difference to these stateless girls' lives

The Providence Center represents, for many of them, the only way out of a life confined to their villages, without little prospect for the future. Majority of girls become mothers even before finishing high school and many teenagers are involved in drugs, in the Thai sex tourism market (human trafficking) and several end their lives in prison.

About Sisters of Providence

Sisters of Providence Thailand

We are a shelter started in North Thailand in 2012, by a group of Catholic nuns known as the Sisters of Providence.

This is a living community that welcomes children and young girls from different tribal and ethnic backgrounds. Many of these girls were abandoned, abused and traumatised. Many lived in poverty and fear.

The Providence Foundation aims to develop these girls into responsible, self-empowered adults able to respond to the needs and challenges at home and in the Thai society.

We are committed to building a better future for them, through the provision of holistic pastoral care and formal education.

The shelter is located in Chiang Rai, north Thailand.  It is just 9 km away from the infamous Golden Triangle (an area that includes the territories of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar).  This area was once known for producing more than 70 percent of all the opium sold worldwide, most of which was refined into heroin and sold to drug traffickers.  It became a hotbed of drug trafficking and addiction, smuggling, gambling and organised crime.  The recent large scale casino development projects in Laos, just across the Mekong river from Chiang Rai, will undoubtedly attract more unsavoury activities due to the influx of money and the attraction of work.

Vulnerable young girls from impoverished and disadvantaged backgrounds are at particular risk of exploitation by the human smuggling gangs and the ever-present menace of the exploitative sex industry that is sadly so rampant in Southeast Asia.  The Sisters of Providence provide the care, protection and guidance that these girls need, so that they do not fall into the trap of abuse or continue their lives in a cycle of poverty and exploitation. 

We are a religious order, but we do not force religious belief on any of our young charges. We nature them, teach them, and love them and provide a living example of how unconditional love and faith can transform the life of a person who previously had little hope.

We invite you to stand with us, and to share our vision and mission.

Sisters of Providence


100% of your donation goes to supporting marginalized and vulnerable girls with meals and education and focuses on improving the girls’ lives in Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai Province, which is located in the Golden Triangle. Bordering with Myanmar and Laos along the Mekong River, it figured prominently in world news as a focal point for tales of the infamous traffic in opium, heroin and sex slaves. The areas are littered with many villages and tribes with no recognition by the surrounding countries, living in abject poverty and circumstances (heavy drug abuse, violence, sex trade, neglect and poverty).

The shelter now cares for more than 50 girls, many of whom are stateless. The school educational and operational funding required is around 70,000 USD a year.

One of our immediate funding goals is to ensure these girls are given an education at least up to middle high school level. We believe that formal education is the greatest empowerment we can give to any young person, as it is the stepping stone to fair income, ethical employment and meaningful career pathways. A few of our girls have actually completed or commenced their studies in university, through the generosity of benefactors. It is one of our most rewarding achievements.

The Thai government only awards citizenship to stateless girls who have attained university education. This allows inclusion and acceptance into Thai society, and provides opportunities that they otherwise would never have. Through your generosity, we hope to give every child the opportunity to go to school and stay in school, to reach their highest potential, and the chance to realise their dreams of a better world. create employment for women, and support the long term sustainability of our shelter through these skills and enterprises.

The funds will also support the ongoing operational expenses such as the provision of meals, clothes and medical care, paying for utilities and the maintenance of the buildings etc. Due to the irregular and unpredictable nature of donations and sponsorship, we experience occasions when basic needs could not be met adequately, leading to reduced meals for the girls and the Sisters, and various other difficulties.

Thank you for your time and we hope you can join in our fundraising and to support this campaign to empower young, vulnerable and marginalised girls to transform their lives.