Fresh Made-to-Order Bird's Nest VS Ready-to-drink (Instant) Bird's Nest

Bird's nest can take so much time to prepare. Many of us are inclined to just purchase a box of ready-to-drink (instant) bird nest drinks and grab a bottle whenever we feel like it and think it's so convenient and beneficial. The question is, what's the difference, its efficacy and is convenience worth a steep price? Without a doubt, the price of freshly cooked and made-to-order bird's nest is much higher, but the raw (edible bird's nest- dried) variety is usually more precious.

Before we can answer that question, first, let's learn what constitutes raw or dried bird’s nest? 

What is Raw or Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN)?

Raw or Edible bird’s nest almost never reaches us fresh, considering the tedious harvesting, cleaning, and packaging involved before it can reach you. Raw bird’s nest is a dry ingredient that can keep for a long time if stored properly.

When it comes to fresh made-to-order bird’s nest drinks or soup, edible bird’s nest might mean how soon your bird's nest drink arrives at your table ready to be eaten. It’s freshest when you eat it fresh and can stay fresh for up to 1 week, as long as they're kept in a dry, air-tight, lidded container and refrigerated.

This can range from fresh-from-the-kitchen-prepared bird’s nest to bird’s nest that was prepared earlier, without any preservatives that might have preserved its shelf life.

What is Ready-To-Drink (Instant) Bird’s Nest?

On the other hand, when it comes to ready-to-drink (instant) bird’s nest, many TCM-focused including commercial brands mass produce and often sold in sealed bottles.

These bird's nests are usually made from low quality bird's nests with 燕碎 (yan sui), mass produced and goes through high-temperature processing to eliminate bacteria, which destroys the nutrient structure of the bird's nests.

Most bottled (instant) bird's nests also contained little bird's nests, usually of low quality bird's nests with 燕碎 (yan sui) and mostly sugared water where sugar is a main preservative that helps to preserve bird's nests .


How to Differentiate Between 100% Pure Bird Nest and Fake Bird Nest


100% Fresh Made-To-Order Bird's Nests; a Middle Ground?

Is there a sweet spot between convenience and freshness? The answer is YES! This middle ground is why we’re here. Royal Imperial Food believes that Fresh and Unadulterated Food is Best. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you the best of both worlds: freshness and convenience with 100% authenticity and purity, all in a bottle.

At Royal Imperial Food, we use only the finest quality whole bird's nest, free of bleach and chemicals as they are handpicked, manually washed and soaked overnight before double boiling the bird's nests. The entire process is a tedious, expensive and time consuming process which most brands do not use as well.

Royal Imperial 100% Bird's Nest (Fresh Made-To-Order) contain no artificial colouring, preservatives, or additives, and a fresh batch is cooked and bottled every day according to your orders only. They’re then shipped off to your doorstep as soon as the same or next day. All you have to do is place your order and we’ll do all the work for you. It doesn’t get any more convenient and fresher than this!


Needless to say, edible bird’s nest is fresher than instant bird’s nest. For some foods, freshness is negligible, but other foods are best taken fresh. Bird’s nest typically falls within the latter category, but advancement in technology now allow us to store bird’s nest for longer periods of time. Raw bird’s nest should be kept in an air-tight container in a dry place. If home-made or made-to-order, `fresh bird’s nest drinks` can stay fresh for up to 1 week, as long as they’re kept in a dry, air-tight, lidded container and refrigerated. 


You’ll also have to consider convenience from two perspectives: cooking time and transportability. Fresh bird's nest, especially those that you prepare yourself, are very time-consuming, requiring hours of cooking and a few more hours of soaking and cleaning before that – not ideal for busy ladies or men! Even once you’re done with the actual cooking, you might be worried about portioning correct amounts, your container spilling, or any other unnecessary stressors that you really don’t need in your life.

Royal Imperial bird’s nest, of course, is designed to be as convenient as possible for busy executives like yourself. No cooking, easy storage, easy opening, and even easier consumption…just open and drink to its goodness! 

At Royal Imperial Food, we are committed to only bringing you the finest whole bird's nests possible. We only use only premium 燕盏 (yan zhan), whole bird's nests of 5g in each bottle (85ml), as evident from our long, thick strands, mostly absent from other brands in the market. We also use no artificial sugar in our bird's nests, with subtle sweetness from cane sugar and pandan leaves.