Savour Singapore’s First Menopause and Andropause Beating Superfood Booster with Royal Imperial Food

SINGAPORE, 12 October 2022 – Homegrown brand, Royal Imperial Food has launched its very first Royal Health SuperBooster bundle, aimed to help women and men beat menopause and andropause symptoms.

Founded on the principle of bringing top quality, unadulterated and natural superfoods to consumers, Royal Imperial Food’s new range promises a delicious treat of body-boosting natural products with its age-old formula, including hand-picked whole nests from ethical bird farms in Indonesia that are traditionally hand cleaned with zero chemicals and bleach-free.

The never-seen-before artisanal Superfood-Booster Bundle is a combination of the Royal Imperial Bird’s Nest with the Royal Imperial Wild Honey. Together, the SuperBooster set offers much higher medicinal and nutritional value as compared to conventional bird’s nest and farmed honey. Filled with natural probiotics containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the Royal Health SuperBooster is formulated to boost one’s health and wellness with sustainability and convenience in mind – all in just one bottle.


Rejuvenate your body with premium bird’s nest

A centuries-old delicacy, bird’s nest contains a plethora of bioactive compounds and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) proteins that stimulate tissue regeneration and cell growth, boosting your immune system against the common flu and ailments related to ageing.

Royal Imperial Bird’s Nest contains a whole nest of premium 5g 燕盏 (yan zhan) in each bottle (85ml), is hand-picked, and cleaned by hand, free of bleach and chemicals thus preserving its long, thick gelatinous strands when cooked and taste immaculately home-made with a tinge of natural sweetness.

Its natural formula contains zero fat and cholesterol, making it a nourishing daily treat to slow the effects of ageing, as a perfect gift of good health for those with illness.


Indulge in nourishing, exotic wildflower-sourced honey

For thousands of years, honey has acclaimed all over the world for its antibacterial and health-boosting properties, along with its multi-purpose in skincare and hair products moisturise and slow down age-related defects.

Royal Imperial’s Wild Honey is a unique and rare variety that has been sourced from collectors who have ventured deep into the jungles of Asia in search of natural beehives. This dark honey is intense in flavour and packed with beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and poly-floral taste of wildflowers.

It is pure, raw and wild, as Mother Nature intended, and is aptly nicknamed "Food for the Gods". 100% cold-filtered and unprocessed, it retains all of the natural goodness, free from pesticides, chemicals, and artificial additives, as fresh as it can be direct from the exotic natural locations it was sourced.

A tablespoon of Royal Imperial Royal Honey can be taken daily for good health, as a meal replacement, or applied to skin or hair for moisturising benefits and nourishment.

Introducing new brand ambassador Chef Heman Tan “Iron Man Chef”

Chef Heman Tan, a multi-talented, award-winning chef has joined Royal Imperial Food as its new brand ambassador, gracing the launch event with tips and advice on living healthy lives through nourishing food.

Chef Heman, Royal Imperial Food's new brand ambassador

A celebrated culinary artist with a experience as the executive chef of the JP Pepperdine Group and chief culinary officer of the Soup Restaurant Group, Chef Heman is one who truly appreciates and endorses the finest quality of food, for good health and food for the soul.

Affectionally known as “Iron Man Chef”, he is also an Ironman triathlete who does long distance running daily, advocate of Royal Imperial Food; Superbooster of Premium Bird's Nest and Wild, Raw Honey and chooses to take them daily for his youth, vitality and wellness.

“It is truly an honour to be part of Royal Imperial Food’s journey in providing and promoting good health and happiness to customers by offering natural, finest, prized and artisan foods. In today’s day and age where most Singaporeans are becoming more health conscious, I believe that the holistic offerings provided by the Royal Health SuperBooster will help more people live fuller, healthier, and meaningful lives,” said Chef Heman Tan.

Royal Imperial Food launches at the renowed Nalati Restaurant & Events @ Distrii Singapore, Raffles Place